Make You Sweat

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July 10, 2012




An obstacle course; Sport relay: Involving basketball, rope climbing, indoor surfing, and cheerleading; Dodgeball against the gym teachers at Westlake.


Tickets to a basketball game for two; Sleeping in the trailers.







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Make You Sweat is an episode of Kids Love School. It is the tenth episode of the season.

Let's get physical! For Kids Love School!!! The students must get their A-Game on for this athletic challenge with the teams merged alliances begin to form. Such as the evil guy and the returnee, and the exes make a deal too! And with a little convincing of the former one man team, a horrible allince killing machine is born. Meanwhile, two brothers battle in football, alliance members play one on one b-ball, the girls (and a canadian) do cheerleading, and the remaining dudes surf. One twin nearly breaks his leg, another guy is stuck on the basketball hoop, for some reason a dude does better at cheerleading than the girls, and the big guy loses his pants, causing everyone to freak out. (Except the girls who just stare...) after all that it's a tiebreaker dodgeball round against the teachers and one guy wins the reward and a night in the private trailer. While the audience favorite is catapulted--- at least he has clothes on...