French Fries

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June 12, 2012




Wait a fancy french resturant; Translate French phrases into English; eat escargo


Dinner at the fancy french resturant.


Hungry Hobos



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French Fries is an episode of Kids Love School. It is the seventh episode of the season.

Bonjour amis de la television! Its time for another Kids Love School! The kids get on a flight to France and have to speak the native langue but they're all terrible. Between waiting snooty customers, decoding orders from the angry chefs and the... SNAILS!!!??? The students are in for one of the biggest challenges in their lives! When one guy suprises everyone with his master French skills, he almost secures the win for his team, meanwhile one guy reveals his mastercooking skills! In the end the wannabe Frenchman mouths off at the chef costing his team the win, AGAIN! Without shock he is catapulted. Au revoir perdant!!!!