Ex in the City

First Aired

April 26 2011


Scavenger Hunt; Copy a dish made in a fine resturant


Eat at the finest resturant in NY


New York City, NY, USA


Eric and Hannah


Morgan and Shayla

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Season 2

Episode 7

10 kids left! We're nearing the end as your 5 fave duos race into the big apple for a night on the town! One team of girls spot their exes in the NYC slowing them down while another femme team have luck all night! A brother and sister combo are finally getting on each others nerves while another group of friends have never been closer! Ultimately when one of our lucky ones take a break, she gets mugged! Slowing her partner down. While our silliest team takes the prize, our victim squad gets kicked to the hobo-infested curb!