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Eric a.k.a The Chubby Goof
is a character on Kids Love Money he has competed in the first three seasons.


Eric is a goofy, chubby dude who has lotsa fun. He loves to speak spanish randomly, draw, and rock out. Its awesome. He is the creator of KLM and he competed in the first three seasons and he placed 9th, 5th, 8th respectively.

Eric's Stats
Name Eric McCladdie
Age 14
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Episode Eliminated: -----------------------------
KLM: Oh, Canada... SUCKS
KLM2: If You Like Pina Coladas...
KLM3: Ocean's Eight.....Or Nine
Rank: ----------------------------
KLM: 9th
KLM2: 5th
KLM3: 8th
Quote: "AH! I landed on my keys!!!!
Eric's Teams
KLM: Team Caliente
KLM2: Team Hannah and Eric
KLM3: Killer Grips