Algebraic Explosions

Originally Aired

May 15, 2012




Answer college-level math questions or be dunked into shark- infested waters; Joust on a giant calculator with giant Q-tips.


Smores by a campfire (made up of burning math books); a tetanus shot (for Michael)


Hungry Hobos



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Algebraic Explosions is an episode of Kids Love School

It's the first team vs. team challenge in the thirdepisode of the seaon! The remaining 16 teens fight for the cash in the math challenge. One contestant almost loses a buttcheek after an encounter with a shark, and after dealing with mega hard equations in the first challenge, then the students get ready to fight each other with giant ear cleaners! While one guy gets beaten by a girl, one ex-couple end in a tie, one kid finally stands up to a bully and knocks him down all the way to elimination.